Bad Times in Ba'more

Welcome to Bad Times in Ba'more

Starting adventure for Bad Times in Ba'more

Session#1 – Session#1

Baltimore….Charm City, Mobtown, The Land of Pleasant Living, The City of Firsts, Monument City, Ravenstown, Clipper City….B’more.

Benny Martin and Nicholas McCoy move to Baltimore to avoid an intense FBI investigation in Minnesota. They take up with a friend of Stinky Joe – Erik Magnisen. A native of Baltimore and well regarded member of the local supernatural community. Benny and Nicholas are told to meet Erik at Accorded Neutral Ground in Baltimore which is a coffee shop / bookstore known as Neutral Grounds and the proprietor one Diane Bassett.

The group investigates a murder on Diane’s rental property next door. They meet and deal with Wallace “Lizard” Gibbs in the The “East Green”. They discover a supernatural product called “White Lightning” that has negative side-effects and begin to investigate.



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