Dr Allison Ralston

Forensic Pathologist - Johns Hopkins Hospital


High Concept: Clued-In Forensic Pathologist

Other Aspects: Dupin Society Scholar; Ignored By My Superiors

Contacts: Fair (2)
Deceit: Good (
Discipline: Good (3)
Empathy: Fair (
Lore: Fair (2)
Presence: Fair (
Rapport: Good (3)
Scholarship: Great (
Other skills default to Fair or Average.

Doctor (Scholarship – Forensic Pathology): +2 on rolls to administer medical attention. +1 for any medical research and an additional +1 in forensic pathology. Capable Researcher (Scholarship): Scholarly research is completed two time increments faster than usual. Basement Office (Deceit): Dr. Ralston is adept at begging, borrowing, and stealing to get what she needs to do her job without drawing bureaucratic attention to herself. Her workspace quality is determined by her Deceit skill, not her Resources. Forensic Eye (Scholarship): May use Scholarship instead of Investigation to examine evidence. Forensic Training (Scholarship): +2 with Scholarship when performing autopsies, analyzing crime scene evidence, etc.

Mental oo
Physical ooo
Social ooo

Not a fighter, but a hell of an information source.

Total Refresh Cost: –3 (Pure Mortal)


Motivation: I want to know, no matter who says I shouldn’t.

Face of: Johns Hopkins (page 392)

Deep in the basement of the Meyer Building on the campus of Johns Hopkins Hospital, forensic pathologist Dr. Allison Ralston toils away in relative anonymity. She has little regard for formal hospital procedure, which led to her exile in the basement. Provided she publishes once or twice a year, her superiors rarely bother to check up on her. She is also an active member of the Dupin Society and uses her position at the hospital to perform unofficial post-mortems and other medical examinations vital to their mission as recorders of supernatural events. She’s not above doing other off-the-books work, such as treating injuries of heroic monster hunters who get a bit banged up in the course of their work. She’s a regular at Neutral Grounds

Dr Allison Ralston

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