Evan Montrose

Warden for Baltimore and mid-Atlantic


Rookie White Council Warden


Educated in magic by his father and in mundane matters by the finest Baltimore prep
schools and European colleges, Evan Montrose’s hope of spending a few post-Oxford years sailing was interrupted by his father’s mysterious death. He’s returned to the manor as a well-trained wizard of the White Council, but lacking the seasoning to go with his power and he was recently recruited by the Wardens and is considered green but promising.

Evan is meticulous, detail-oriented, and a bit of a neat freak. Despite his tendency toward indulging his playboy side, he never does anything without a plan. Evan’s father changed his family name from Montresor after “that bastard Poe” (as Evan’s grandfather wrote in his journal—and remember how long-lived wizards are) wrote “The Cask of Amontillado.” It’s essentially an exposé of the excesses and crimes of (at least) one member of the Montresor family. Evan doesn’t quite believe that “Amontillado” was literally true; he has no idea that he has literal skeletons cluttering his house’s basement. That said, he carries on his family’s resentment of Poe and, by extension, the Dupin Society. Evan knows that he can completely trust Wellington, his personal aide.


Evan Montrose

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