Paul Mackey

Curator - Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum


High Concept:
Director of the Dupin Societ y
Other Aspects: Patient O bserver
Sk ills
Contacts: Fair (2)
Conviction: Good (
Deceit: Fair (2)
Discipline: Fair (
Investigation: Good (3)
Lore: Great (
Presence: Good (3)
Resources: Fair (
Scholarship: Great (+4)
Other skills default to Average or Mediocre.

Finely Tuned Third Eye (Lore): Mackey
gains +2 to Lore whenever using it as an
Alertness substitute to pick up on the
presence of the supernatural.
Capable Researcher (Scholarship): Any
scholarly research Mackey does is
completed two time increments faster
than usual.
Quick Eye (Investigation): Mackey’s first
Investigation roll to determine deeper
details about a scene is two time increments
fa ster than usual.

Mental oooo Physical oo
Social oooo

How can you not hang out at Poe’s digs in a Baltimore game?!

Total Refresh Cost: –1 (Pure Mortal


Motivation: I want to preserve knowledge.

Face of: Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum

Paul Mackey is an expert in early American literature and is the curator of the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum. As such, it’s never questioned that he spends almost all his time there. He is also director of the Dupin Society. He is resisting a push among some in the society to become more active in protecting mortals from supernatural forces.

Paul Mackey

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