Russell Carson


Motivation: Power, plain and simple.

Face of: city theme of Decay and Corruption

Russell Carson is a renegade sorcerer who has amassed a small cult following among Baltimore’s community of minor talents and dabbling practitioners. Some say he’s a madman, but he’s very savvy and makes the most of the opportunities presented to him—he’s laid low for years, but now that the Vampire War is distracting the majority of the White Council’s Wardens, he feels freer to operate openly.

His goal is to establish himself and his followers as a Freehold under the Unseelie Accords, much like Gilgamesh did. He doesn’t have a permanent home; he lives with different members of his cult, moving around every few days to keep the Wardens off his tracks—just in case they do decide to hunt him down. His talent lies in thaumaturgy rather than evocation; he trusts in his .38 special rather than magic for immediate self defense.



Russell Carson

Bad Times in Ba'more Kriger