Fort Carroll

Theme: Isolated defensive position

Background and History

Fort Carroll is a 3.4-acre artificial island and abandoned hexagonal sea fort in the middle of the Patapsco River, just south of Baltimore, Maryland. In 1847, the State of Maryland gave permission to the US War Department to construct a fort in the shallow water of Soller’s Point Flats to protect the city of Baltimore. Fort Carroll was important for the defense of Baltimore as before it’s construction, Fort McHenry just outside the city was the only military defensive structure between Baltimore and the Chesapeake Bay. In March 1921 the Army officially abandoned Fort Carroll and moved whatever military equipment was left to nearby Fort Howard. The War Department declared the island excess property in 1923, but took no immediate steps to sell the land. In World War II the Army briefly used the fort as a firing range, but was quickly abandoned again.

Updates and Notes of Interest

A variety of proposals for the use of the island were advanced, including a prison and a casino but development plans never materialized. The fort is now deserted and the habitat for various animals. It is also a site for occasional urban explorations.


Fort Carroll

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