Welcome to Bad Times in Ba’more!

Come for the Seafood, Stay for the Mind-Shattering Supernatural Terror!

Baltimore….Charm City, Mobtown, The Land of Pleasant Living, The City of Firsts, Monument City, Ravenstown, Clipper City, B’more. Poe and Nevermore….Crab cakes and Old Bay….Sailboats and Camden Yards….Natty Boh and Pink Flamingos. You know the stereotypes. While there’s a lot to love about Baltimore, there’s a lot of reason to be very, very afraid of it.

You have the sea. You have the tourist renaissance. The Inner Harbor, Camden Yards, the National Aquarium, etc. It’s a façade. It’s masking the nastiness at the core of the city, the sort of creeping darkness—both supernatural and mundane—that only gets held in check by a few dedicated people willing to face the way things really are. This doesn’t mean other cities aren’t as bad, or that Baltimore is an irredeemable hellhole. Some people stand up and say “No.” There are some good people doing good work in the bad neighborhoods. Some good, honest cops among the bad ones. Some politicians whose idealism hasn’t been beaten out of them yet. Some in the supernatural community down in the trenches pushing back against the creeping darkness. They’re still fighting the good fight—and Baltimore is a city worth fighting for. Read about those things to be afraid of and the things that are worth fighting for in Bad Times in Ba’More.

Bad Times in Ba'more

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