Bad Times in Ba'more

The Times They are A-Changing

Begin the Begin

“The insurgency began and you missed it
I looked for it and I found it
Let’s begin again, begin the begin
The mythology begins the begin”

The past few weeks and months have been fairly quiet and the group has been enjoying a period of relative quiet. Nicholas receives a call from a clued in contact, Sergeant Jim Flanagan, in the Baltimore PD after a series of Jane Doe bodies turn up killed in the same odd manner. He meets Sgt. Flanagan in a touristy section of the waterfront to find a body with a hole in the forehead and part of the brain missing. Nicholas decides this needs closer investigation and asks Jim if it would be possible to get a closer look when the body is taken back to the morgue tonight. Jim says he’ll see what he can do and text Nicholas later. The group meets periodically at Neutral Grounds to touch base and listen in the latest news from the supernatural community and is gathering later that evening.

Shortly after the group meets they are approached by . He reluctantly explains that the While Council has been approaching certain gifted individuals who’ve shown proficiency in dealing with the enemy to recruit them as “Deputy Wardens” in areas where resources are overtaxed. He has been ORDERED by the White Council to extend such an invitation to the Party. After some back-and-forth and rubbing it in Evan’s nose, the group agrees to be deputized. Montrose explains this requires the party to help with investigations sent their way by Evan and the party to reciprocate by keeping him apprised of their progress and also provide info on any supernatural events that he might not have heard about yet. Evan tells the party about bodies of homeless people with missing organs that have been washing up around the Francis Scott Key Bridge and the party tells Evan about the Jane Does found with the hole in their foreheads. Almost immediately after Evan leaves, Russell Carson (or rather a “body double” of some sort) enters Common Grounds and thanks the party for their help with his White Court problem as it has allowed him to rebuild his resources. He insists he is not the bad guy and that his supernatural contacts are warning him that something big is coming and the Party has bigger, badder fish to fry. The party makes no promises, but does agree with Carson that they have higher priories right now but they do not agree with his vision of himself as just “mis-understood” and shouldn’t expect any quarter. Nicholas checks his phone and has a text from Sgt. Flanagan telling him a time to show at the back door of the morgue where a friend-who-owes-him-a-favor will let them have an off the books look at the Jane Doe bodies.

The Team heads to the morgue at the agreed meet time and rings the bell at the rear entrance several times with no answer. After text reassurances from Flanagan that his friend should definitely be there, Nicholas decides to circle around to try the main, front entrance. After seeing no one at the front desk , he heads through the door into the back area. Meanwhile, after waiting a short time at the back door, Benny and Erik quietly pop the lock and head through the rear entrance under cover of a veil. Nicholas peers through a small window into the main examination area and see a body in a white lab coach laying in a pool of blood on the floor with a tall lanky shape hovered over it. He also sees a second figure opening the body drawers and examining the corpses. Fearing for the morgue technician, Nicholas storms through the front entrance and engages the creatures. Upon seeing Nick burst through the front door and engage the surprised creatures, Benny and Erik promptly follow through the rear entrance while still under the protection of the veil. The party wins the battle against the hags, even managing to take one unconscious but alive. They quickly perform an investigation of the bodies and realize the hags are harvesting organs from the freshly dead while not touching the ones with the holes in their foreheads.

They take the unconscious hag back to Benny’s for further questioning where she is water boarded aggressively questioned. After some persuasive discussions, the hag explained they were collecting organs to cast ritual on them so they hold the sustaining essence in them. When further pressed, she explained it was because her coven was preparing to leave Baltimore as quickly as possible as something “real big and bad” was building and they didn’t want to be there when it happens. They haven’t been able to determine what it was, but they know they want to leave as quickly as possible before it gets here. Once they get her to reveal the coven is staying at Fort Carroll near the , the Team begins to form a plan to destroy the coven.

The plan requires a fully loaded fuel truck, phosphorus rounds for Nannupuq, and some road flares. Benny purchases a full fuel truck first thing the next morning and spends the day inscrolls it to be light as a feather (levitated) with assistance from Erik into Runes. After dark that night, Nicholas drives out to the point of the Bridge closest to the island while Benny and Erik follow a short distance behind in the deuce-and-a-half. The Erik stays with the duce to keep traffic out of the lane Nick stops the fuel truck. Once the fuel trailer is disconnected, Nicholas aims and “throws” it at Fort Carroll. Being light as a feather, it slowly drifts over to the island. Once in place, Benny cuts off the magic and the tanker crashes to the island covering the entire heavily over-grown island with fuel. Nicholas fires a phosphorus round into the tanker and the entire island is quickly engulfed in a raging inferno. The group waits a few minutes as Nick observes through his scope to ensure no one escapes off the island.



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