Bad Times in Ba'more

Final Act of White Lightning

This is where/when the final activities from the last Act of the White Lightning story arch ends.

Season#1- Session#6

The back-and-forth battle between the zealots of Russell’s Renegades and the White Court has raged on for a few weeks and was even starting to capture the attention of the mundane news.
BLAH appears in Common Grounds asking for the party members. They are given card for Curator of the MD Historical Society. Told Alexandra would be at the PARK AND MUSEUM
Head to Frederick Douglass – Isaac Myer Maritime PARK and Museum. Benny causes minor earthquake / tsunami to wreck get-away board moored alongside the venue. Group kills several Nixies in front then some HOBS pour into area. Benny now ashore and forces open rear door. Whoever is inside then starts to raise the truck-sized loading bay door, which Benny promptly hexes. They start trying to raise it manually and someone sticks their head out to see what’s going on. Pulls gun on Benny and fight ensues. Those inside start to raise bay doors manually while Benny and henchman at door trade blows. Crew in front makes their way towards back of building where they heard gunfire coming from, but Nicholas breaks off to guard rear and side entrances. Bay door is nearly open and the SHELLYCOBS rip it open the rest of the way so they can reach Benny….just as Eric reaches the room from the far side. Before they can swarm Benny, Eric is on them and surrounded by them. Nicholas sees a group of figures dart past the front entrance and head towards cars parked near the front of the building. While Eric and Benny are handling the SHELLYCOBS, Nicholas positions himself to take a shot at the departing vehicles and successfully shoots through the engine block of the lead vehicle. The secondary vehicle swerves and narrowly avoids the first vehicle and continues to make a hasty retreat. The SHELLYCOB fight continues. Nicholas reloads and repositions himself and gets a long range shot off on the departing vehicle, blowing out a tire and causing them to flip the vehicle. The occupants dart out of the car at inhuman speed and take off on foot. This is about the time the SHELLYCOBS are finished off.
The group quickly makes haste to the SAVAGE MILL AND MANOR. They lay in wait for the unsuspecting White Court and ram them into a tree when the driver gets out and opens the security gate on the driveway leading up to the Manor house. Benny surrounds the trapped vehicle with a magical barrier to prevent them from leaving while Eric douses the vehicle in fuel and sets it on fire killing its trapped passengers. The driver escaped in the chaos.



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